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    Isaboe Soap

    Your Skin Deserves the Luxury of Soap.

    Join us on our body revolution away from harmful chemicals and excessive use of plastic.

    Skin is the bodies biggest organ and therefore everything you put on it matters, as it is absorbed into your body.

    All ingredients are selected for the special attributes they bring to our soap. They create a moisturising, long lasting soap with lots of bubbles, which is good for your skin and our oceans.

    Are soaps not all the same? The short answer is No.-

    When we started to look at the ingredients of commercial products we were amazed, and not in a good way.  The amount of chemicals that we put on our skin, into our bodies, down the drains and into the oceans was horrifying.

    We wanted to find something more environmentally friendly, reducing the amount of plastic we use and good for the skin. So this is why we started making beautiful, luxurious, handmade soaps. 

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